Although our trucks are reliable and have low maintenance costs, all forklifts need service from time to time, and our service technicians are ready to help.

When buying or renting a new truck from Feeler UK, you can choose a service and maintenance contract that suits your needs. Our service agreements consist of regular inspections and repairs combined with preventive or full service.

Quality Service Coverage for your Forklift Trucks

Service is paramount to keeping your operations running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Feeler UK can provide you with maintenance, materials and servicing that enable you to look after your trucks and your workspace to achieve maximum value ­­for your investment, reduce downtime in the long term, and lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Guaranteeing greater uptime – parts availability, our engineers carry the most fast-moving parts.
  • Peace of mind – providing safety & experience.
  • Various contract options are available, including bespoke & flexible maintenance service contracts, including full
    and preventative maintenance – options to include additions.
  • Reassurance – Preventative Maintenance compliance reassures – all trucks are maintained on time, reducing breakdowns and increasing uptime.
  • We offer various warranties & service contracts to suit you and your environment.
  • We maintain our service standards and records.
  • New trucks are always available in stock.

Service enquiries