Who are we?

At Feeler UK, we offer a complete range of forklift trucks, warehouse equipment and accessories to meet all your material-handling needs.

Feeler UK forklift trucks and equipment are suitable for various applications and environments, including manufacturing, warehouses, production, quiet operations, retail and supermarkets, cold storage, wet areas, outdoors and weighing. We also provide industry-leading services and solutions, including truck rental, used trucks, service and maintenance, parts, accessories and operator training.

Why Feeler UK forklifts are the right product for you?

We can offer the perfect material-handling solution for any business. In addition to safety and efficiency, we have a reputation for unsurpassed value with a positive effect on productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Our forklift trucks seamlessly bridge the gap between labour-intensive operations and full automation in response to the industry trend towards high-tech packing and stacking.

We offer indoor and outdoor solutions in various mechanics, capacities, strengths and fuel options.

With a continuous focus on research and development at a global level, we can live up to our promise of always offering state-of-the-art technology and design. Performance and product reliability are synonymous with the Feeler UK brand name, established over decades of product innovation and international market trials.

Feeler UK is known for its environmental impact awareness, eco-friendly compliance and has a sound and trusted track record within many global sectors and industries, making it the sensible choice for your business.