Become a Feeler UK Dealer 

Become a Feeler UK Authorised Dealer 

By joining the Feeler UK team as an Authorised Dealer, you are setting your business on a path to success. Feeler UK is actively growing its dealer network across UK and we want you to be a part of it. Feeler UK allows dealerships to be more profitable without the headaches. Built by forklift mechanics for forklift mechanics, Feeler UK are shaking up the industry:

1. Dealership Profitability

The financial structure of a Feeler UK dealership is set up to ensure each dealership is profitable and can earn throughout all stages of dealer operations. This includes new equipment sales, warranties, service, used equipment sales, rental contracts, and maintenance

2. Best No-Cost Warranty at 2 Years / 2,000 Hours

The best no-cost warranty in the UK comes standard on every Feeler UK forklift. You can be confident your customers are getting the best.

3. Long-Term Success

Your success is our success. You will be partnering with a company that believes in your success over the long-run and that will work hard to ensure that day-to-day and year-to-year you can be proud to sell Feeler UK products and do well at the same time.

4. On-Going Support

You are never alone as a Feeler UK dealer, our team is with you every step of the way. From setting up a floor plan, marketing to customers and growing your business we are always available to help.

5. No Electronic Control Modules Makes Cost of Ownership Low

By simplifying the components, Feeler UK lift trucks are more robust and durable. This makes them less likely to break, easier to fix and more cost effective to run.

6. Hand-Picked Components Are the Best Available

The Feeler UK design team has over 100 years of combined experience. Feeler UK are built using only the best hand-picked components.

7. Deal Directly with The Manufacturer, No Intermediaries

When you deal with Feeler UK, you are dealing directly with our head office and expert team. You will not have to deal with any intermediaries, third-parties or distributors.

8. Custom Build Forklifts to Your Own Specifications

As a Feeler UK Authorised Dealer, you have the ability to custom order forklifts for customers to your own specifications.

9. Trucks Can Be Shipped Directly to Customers, No Pre-Delivery Inspection to Do

Feeler UK is able to perform all pre-delivery inspections on behalf of your dealership, shipping a new lift truck directly to the customer. This saves you time, money and greatly simplifies your operation.

10. Dealer Financing

Feeler UK has partnered with leading brands in small business and equipment financing to make sure you have access to the capital you need to purchase inventory and parts.

11. A Human Company

As opposed to major forklift brands we aren’t a big FTSE 500 company. We were founded by dedicated forklift engineers with over 40 year’s experience in the business. When you deal with Feeler UK, you are dealing with people who have a passion for forklifts and know the day-to-day challenges of running a forklift dealership.

The benefit for our dealers is that they can directly increase dealership profitability and reduce the complexity of their operation. Contact us today!

Interested in becoming a Feeler UK Dealer?